Tim Walker x Desserts

  • Doughnuts & Paint (2011)
  • Crystalised Rose Clusters & Cream (2010)
  • Ice cream Chandelier (2006)
  • Rosehip & Borrage flower Jelly (2010)

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Thomas Durand designed this home for studio RAUM where the bedrooms are on wheels. Maison, Sarzeau (56), France, 2013.


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L’enfer Cabaret, Boulevard de Clichy, Montmartre, Paris

Built circa 1890; demolished circa 1952.

Entertainment inside the “inferno of hell” included musicians dressed as devils and interior volcanos that spewed scented lava of molten gold. 

After the “cabaret artistique” was demolished, the site became a Monoprix retail store.

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